How to find beautiful Colombian women ?

Sexy latin women Get to know the beautiful Colombian women, if you know them well you will have great success !, Women are like birds, if you move too fast they will fly away. If you have a strategy and if you can be patient the can be yours !, get them to trust you !, be a friend and extend that to a relationship. They love to meet you in a environment that is comfortable. Make them comfortable, that is the key!. Women in Medellin are beautiful because of the temperate weather and good healthy to eat. In Colombia they grow a lots of fruits that have high antioxidants and women eat a lot of fruits in Latin america. They naturally glow and become more beautiful. They also walk a lot, there is very little transportation, and most cities are located in hills. They walk uphill every day and that makes the bodies very slender and slim.

In Colombia large families live together in the same cabana, and it is not uncommon for unrelated persons to live with other family members. Even with the rise of large cities, Colombia still maintain the traditional large families, parents still live with their grown waco children; specially in poor communities they live in huge groups of what are is now called extended families. Be prepared to meet the women's family, ask her about her family, get to know the names, and how much she loves the family. If she wants a serious friendship with you, she will introduce you to her mother and her close siblings !. If you want to get to know the women, you need to get to know the family. They are joined by umbilical card to there mothers, literally!

Colombian women are open to all races, they do have a affinity to fair skin or a preference for fair skin. Regardless of your skin color , Colombia can be a great place to meet women. Colombia is very diverse, you will find women all skin colors, the most diverse country I have seen with respect to skin color. Race is really is not issue.

Colombian girls

Pastic surgery
It is almost given that a Colombian girl will have at least one surgery. It is almost like getting braces, you have to get the silicon and get the big boobs !. Even parents help them, as soon as they reach 18, they love to be carved and get the big but, and big boobs !. Sometimes girls get as many as 10 + surgery's. Taking care of the bodies and getting the silicon is as common as putting on a makeup. Typical surgery trip includes nose, boobs, and butt. They love to show off and look good !, that is Latina !

Women in Latin America love dancing, they can dance for hours non stop. It is in the Latin culture, it is in the blood, it is in there DNA. Get to learn some basic moves specially Salsa. You can take Salsa lessons, or just watch Youtube and get the basic rhythm and moves. A date with Colombian women should include a trip to night club, it is fun. They love to drink and enjoy the night. Do not go alone, take some friends with you or have her bring some friends to the club. There are no dance floors in Colombia, everyone dances at the table, i.e in groups !. They love friends and family and love to say with the group. Unlike USA or Europe, where we tend to have a dance floor and can dance solo !. Colombia is a family or collective society, everything is done in groups. !

Age issues
going out with men twice the is common in Colombia, if the girl is 21 she does not mind going out with guys who are 41. Add about 21 years to girls age. If the age difference is more than 21 years, women are a bit reluctant. It can still happen, but not very common. If you are less than 30 years old, you are considered very very young ! lol.

Latin women love money and the power that comes with it. Money can make or break your friendship. On one hand women like to go out with Gringos and enjoy the expensive dates and vacations they cannot afford. On the other hand this could break your friendship. Some women will ask you for help , with school fees, expenses etc. If you say no, you are afraid this will break the friendship, if you give what she wants , she may be using you to get money !. My advice: if you want a serious friendship never bring money into the picture, make it clear that you are not interested in a friendship that involves money. If you are just looking for a date, and want to be a sugar daddy that is fine, you can pamper them , so they can be your date and make sure she understands the friendship as well. Many gringos feel , Colombian girls are really after you wallet !, what ever it is , it is better to lay everything on the table and explain the friendship you are seeking ! they will understand !

Prepagos or Not a prepago?
This is a very sticky issue, many guys want to know, if the girl they are going out with is a prepago (call girl) or not a prepago. You really have to evaluate on your own. The need for money is the motive to become a prepago. If the Colombian women is from a rich family and from a good family, she is least likely to be a prepago. If she comes from a poor family and comes from a broken family she is more likely to be a prepago. I will give you some rules to evaluate, you can use your own judgement. If she is rich, has good education, she has a good job, she comes from a unified family, she lives with her father and mother then she is least likely to get into the sex trade. Evaluate her family, fathers can be very protective and can be good mentors. If she has a father, who she has a very close friendship with and is living with him, she is very very unlikely to work for money. If on the other hand , she come from a poor neighborhood like Bello, Buenos Aires, Manrique, Guajabal, Robelo areas of Lima, she is more likely to work or have worked in the sex trade.

Colombian chica
Walking in any Colombian mall can be like a kid in Alice the wonderland, boy ! they show the skin!. Specially the breasts! and it is very normal for the Colombian women !, they llike to show the assets ! they feel they have beautiful bodies and why hide , my very first time in Colombia I was shocked to see soo many young and beautiful girls displaying breasts with low cut outfits, it was both shocking and it was fun !. I asked about this directly , and the anwer is; we are Latin women , and we like to look beautiful and display our beauty , why hide it !

How to date one hot girl every night in Colombia

1. This is a numbers game so you need to have reach out to women from all our sources such as dating sites, whatsup and facebook. Collect as many numbers as you can before you start the trip and sort them in an order that you can remember.

2. This is also a money game have a pile of cash and buy many gifts ready to be handed to girls based on sexual performance.

3. Rent a nice penthouse in cities like Medellin, Bogota and Cali, girls get impressed with nice places.

4. Throw a big party at a 5 star club and invite all the girls from the step 1 and then throw a after hour party at the place you rented in step 3 and show them the gifts you got and tell them they can gave based on sexual performance and happiness. Just shock and owe ! the girls with your money, organization, and generosity.

5. If you follow steps 1 to 4 , you will have two or three beautiful girls having sex with you for the next 5 nights

enjoy !

Best cities in Colombia to find dark skinned women
1. Cali is a the top, it it hot and humid and has a mix of black and latio population. The citi is filled with gorgeous dark skinned women with hot bodies. You like action in the bed, you need to go after dark skinned women from Cali, they will rock your world!

2. Next best city for hot dark skinned women is Barranquilla, in Colombia they call them "Costania" i.e costal women. They are darker and are think , but they are beautiful and have a warm loving heart

Best cities in Colombia to find light skinned women
1. Medellin is a the top, it it filled hot fair skinned women. The population is mostly from southern region of Spain and the genes have not been touched for many year. They have soft and fair skin for men all around the world to enjoy. This citi is filled with gorgeous stunning women with hot bodies. You like beautiful faces and sensual dating, you need to go after women from Medellin, they will rock your heart!

2. Next best city for hot fair skinned women is Armenia, in Colombia they call them "Paisas" i.e a class of women from mountains. They are fair soft and slender , but they are beautiful and have a warm loving eyes!

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