In Colombia the best place to find beautiful sexy women is in Medellin. Like in most cities women in Medellin party and flirt with American men very hard, Barrio Colombia, Parque lleras and Las Palmas ae happening places. I was in Barrio Colombia last week with friends enjoying the nigh out there are thousands of sexy women with big boobs. Luxury is the best place to hang out, the drink are modestly expensive 1/2 a bottle on Vodka is about $50 the bottle itself is 70000 peso and 17000 peso for orange juice plus tips, at least 4 people can enjoy the drink for few hours. The clubs is filled with below 21 girls. The women are drop dead gorgeous, most of them come in groups, but you can ask girls out to dance. Knowing how to dance is key to scoring with women, you need strong legs and nice moves. Women in Medellin can dance all night and can also drink all night, at the club they seem more comfortable drinking and feel at ease. The two more important things in a women's life dancing and music are available in the club. Walk around find some good looking single women and ask them to dance, you can later ask for phone number and invite them to your place for a late night party. We scored with many women using the dance moves. Medellin women love to meet white blond men from US and Europe, they love to get to know you and invite you to dance.

Many men dream of having such a beautiful woman for a girlfriend or a wife. It's a common fantasy, especially in North America and Europe, where their beauty has the added perk of exoticness.

Unfortunately, these men usually think that it's a fantasy that can never be achieved. And maybe it was in the past, but not anymore.

Dating Colombian women

Why Men Think It's Impossible

There is this misconception that dating a Colombian women are out of reach for most men. There are two reasons why men think like this and thus give up before they even try.

The first one is that this is the stereotype that appears in movies, TV shows and commercials. All women in romantic settings are absolutely gorgeous. Not only that, the guy that finally gets the girl is also very handsome. Even if he's poor, he's not the kind of poor that you and I would consider poor. They usually live in a nice, if not luxurious house, in suburbia or in a good apartment in Manhattan. How many poor men you know that can afford that kind of housing? Lastly, they always work as freelancers, and never in a cubicle.

Therefore, if you don't have that kind of resources or looks, you end up believing that these women are not for you.

The second reason is that the “normal” way to meet someone new is at bars or at night clubs. That might work for some, but not for most. It's a setting where the only thing you get to know about is what type of clothes you are wearing at the moment. Obviously, this approach doesn't work for most people.

But It Can Happen

The truth is that these Latina women are as lonely as you are. For the most part, they don't want to be judged based on what they're wearing. While very young girls will certainly be attracted by looks only, women understand that there are other things that are valuable. And they certainly aren't going to find them in a night club.

That's why you have a much better chance than what you think.

Think about this for a minute. Let's not take looks into consideration for a moment. What attributes would you like in a person that you want to spend the rest of your life with? Most people think of something like this:

-Good sense of humor.



-Good work ethics.

-Family values.

Now, tell me. When you're in a nightclub or bar, with bad light and loud music, would you be able to tell if the person has these attributes (or whatever attributes you value?) Of course not! You'll be lucky if you get someone to go out with you on a date and then you'll spend your time and money in the hopes that she meets the profile. In turn, it might happen that you'll not fit her profile! A few weeks and a couple hundred dollars (if not more) down the toilet and back to zero.

Meet Latinas Online!

You might also have the problem that there just aren't many Latinas where you live. But now you can meet them, get to know them and find someone who wants the same things you do.

In, you don't have to look like Brad Pitt or have a Porsche to find a beautiful woman that you can have chemistry with. You don't have to spend your time and money going to places where your good points won't show. You can meet and talk with someone right in your home or your office. In fact, you can meet and talk with many girls at the same time, increasing your chances of finding someone you like, but also someone you'd like to be with.

What Latinas Value

Latinas, like many women, like men who work on their appearance. While you don't have to have a great body, you do have to comb your hair and wear clean clothes when talking with a beautiful colombian woman. Take a look at your place as well. You don't have to live in a mansion, but make sure that your house is clean and arranged. It's a detail that many men forget when they talk to a woman on webcam. That will make you look like you care for yourself, and therefore, you can care for others.

In addition, Latinas are specially attracted by two types of men: hard working men and family men. They like responsible, punctual, formal men who enjoy having a family.

Of course, there are always exceptions, and if all you want is someone to have fun with, then you'll find it at romancelatina as well.

What are You Waiting For?

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