Colombian girls are not so difficult to please. There are certain things that they are very attracted to, and if you can deliver them, you'll have a much easier time getting to have a relationship with them.

What Colombian Girls Value

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First of all, music. Latin women like to listen to their songs and dance. I know that many men are not into dancing but the good news is that you don't have to be a salsa or cumbia master in order to impress them. In fact, if you're from North America or Europe, Colombian women will not expect you to know how to dance. However, if you show a bit of interest, they'll be fascinated. In fact, one tip I usually give to men who don't know how to dance is to tell the girl “teach me how to dance.” This also has the advantage of giving you an excuse to hold her hand and waist and having her close to you. Don't worry if you're clumsy at first, in fact, laugh at it and she'll laugh with you.

Another thing that Latin women value is men who are hard-working and responsible. Because in their own culture these men are not common, they are very happy to find one. And you know what's the best thing? For them, hard work and responsibility is the very thing you already do every day: getting up early, going to work, arriving on time, never being absent without a really good excuse, not showing up drunk at work, not saying stupid things that will get you fired just because you're angry or frustrated.

Believe it or not, this type of irresponsible work ethics is common in Latin American countries, which is why you will impress such a woman by just doing your job. And it doesn't have to be a glamorous job or a highly-paid job either. Just the fact that she'll know there's a check coming in every month makes you a reliable person in her eyes.

The last thing you have to have to impress a girl is family values. In Colombia, like in all Latin American countries, family is very important. When you talk with a Colombian beauty, you have to ask questions about her family and actually be interested in who her relatives are and what they do. They consider a person without family ties an unstable person. They also rely on their families for many things, especially in times of trouble. If she tells you about a problem in her family, pay attention and be interested. When talking to her the next time, ask about the problem and how her relative is doing.

One thing that many American or European men forget is that the girl will also want to know about their families. If in your country people are independent from their families, you'll have to make a bit of effort and at least have some basic news about your family. Don't wait until she asks you about your relatives, talk about them before she asks. And never, NEVER say something bad about your mother. That's some sort of sin in the mind of Latin culture, as they consider it terribly ungrateful to speak ill of the one who gave you life. Say something nice about your parents and you can do no wrong.

But How To Meet Such Girls?

Obviously, if you're in the United States or Europe, there aren't many Colombian girls around. And those who are there usually have several men after them. It's natural for this to happen because the ratio of men to Latin girls is too big.

However, you can now meet beautiful Latin girls right in your house or your office. Just sign up with and you'll be able to communicate with tons of single, beautiful women who are looking for a gringo to fill their hearts.

You can see hundreds of pictures and decide who you want to start to communicate with. Good looks are nice, but remember that personality is important as well. By joining, you'll be able to talk with these girls and find out what they are like. Remember, you don't have to communicate with only one of these girls. You can talk with several of them and in fact, that's the best approach as it increases your chances.

You don't have to have a great body, but you do have to do some grooming. Comb your hair and dress nicely before taking the picture that you'll use in your profile. This shows that you're not a slob that can't be bothered of taking care of himself, much less someone else. Make sure that the room you're in is clean and arranged too. Girls pay attention to those details too.

Aside from all the tips you've gotten so far, just relax and be yourself. Remember, the girl in the other end is as interested in finding the right person as you are. Just because a girl is pretty, that doesn't mean that she doesn't get lonely. In fact, they often do because the men that they meet only want them for their looks. But when you're talking online, it's values and personality that shines.

Also, don't worry about not being able to speak Spanish. Most Colombian girls speak English to some degree. And if you find a girl that you really, really like, she'll be more than happy to teach you some basic Spanish words and phrases. There's no better motivation to learn basic Spanish than a person you're strongly attracted to.


Colombia has changed a lot in recent years, industrialization and flood of Global companies setting a food print has created a out flux of Colombian girls to other countries. They are getting F1 and L1 Visas to other countries, US has also liberalized visa policies toward Colombians. It is getting very easy for young college girls to get visas to study in US. Either by showing funds, or from help from family members girls are able apply for colleges and get work visas to work in US and Canada. There is also a trend for the girls to travel to China of importing goods into Colombia and setup shops. Men and women are travelling to China and importing cheap iPhones, duplicate blackberry phones into Colombian setup small shops in the malls. This has been a good source of income for many girls with no jobs.

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